Automated Travel Policies
& Approvals

Define your travel policy and approval settings once and automate the rest.
Customize spending limits and workflows that empower your team to book
directly with transparent booking guidelines.

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Travel Policies. Simplified

Done in 60 seconds flat

Create, test and optimize your ideal travel policy in under a minute. Simple to setup, easy to rollout. Just one-click settings that keep everyone in line and traveling within your perfect policy.

Perfect Policy Compliance

Since your policies are embedded directly inside the booking tool, manual enforcement becomes a thing of the past. Be the architect of your travel program, not the police officer.

Smart, Responsive Policies

Flexible, transparent and dynamically customizable by team, destination and travel dates. Travelers enjoy the freedom of self-managed travel, with none of the uncertainty.

Automated Approvals

Flexibility & Control

You decide how strict or open your travel program can go – from manually approving everything to structured open booking where you’re only alerted when someone goes outside the policy.

Unrestricted – All your travelers can book any flight and hotel directly. Moderate – Only “out of policy” hotels and flights require approval. Strict – All bookings require approval before confirmation.

Freedom & Transparency

Give your travelers the clarity and autonomy they deserve by eliminating all friction and uncertainty from the booking process.

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